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Coping with labor, whether in a hospital or home setting, is important to have in your birth toolbox. We want to ensure that every family and laboring person has all of the information and tools to hopefully lower the chances of intervention or medication.

This Class Includes: 
  • Positions For Labor
  • Partner Support Education
  • How To Communicate With Your Birth Team
  • Birth Ball Class (we will spend an hour learning to use the birth ball and having a full sequenced class)
  • Props For Labor Pain Support
  • Birth Affirmations and The Psychology Of Labor
You Will Also Get: 
  • Worksheets
  • Information Sheets
  • Planning Template
** A birth ball will be required for a portion of this class

Next Class Date: July 30th.

Pathway is a 2-day childbirth education class covering topics from pregnancy to laboring positon to birth to breastfeeding. Understanding that having a plan for birth is rarely the reality, this class prepares you and your family by putting the emphasis on your intentions for your birth including the many pathways available for how birth and breastfeeding can look for you and your family and how your intentions can meet you exactly where you are and not where you're expected to be.
Whether you are deciding to birth in a hospital or home setting, this class will help you create and customize the birth plan that you want and the many pathways that exist to help create the plan that is tailored to you and your wants. 

Pathways is an interactive, 4-hour class split into two-days. In this class we will cover: 
  • Anatomy of Birth
  • The Stages Of Labor
  • Vaginal and Cesarean Birth
  • Creating A Birth Plan
  • What To Bring To Your Birth
  • How To Communicate To Your Birth Team
  • Parent Support and Education
  • Breastfeeding 101
  • Creating A Postpartum Plan

Next Class Date: 

Aug 17th
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