Hi! I am the woman behind The Modern Doula and welcome to my healing space. I am a birth doula and certified childbirth educator. I help to gently usher women into modern mamahood through education and support. I specialize in birth, pregnancy, and fertility.

I help women obtain the birth they're always wanted by helping them stay educated and in the center of their journey. I am an advocate for women and their wee ones. 

I have more than 5+ years in the birth world and community and I strive to continue to help women curate a safe space within their body and their world to obtain their goals no matter where they are in their journey. 

Remember, take care of you.

Certifications + Street Cred:

Nutritionist Adviser Certification - Centre of Excellence
Yoga Certification (200 hr) - Expertrating
Birth Doula Certification - Birth Arts International
Child Birth Educator Certification - Birth Arts International
County Liaison + Representative - Alabama Birth Coalition

Other Writing + Blogging:

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Euphoric Herbals
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