we are a prenatal wellness studio offering childbirth education classes, coping with labor classes, prenatal yoga, and birth support services. 

About The Owner

Kayla Bitten is a doula, childbirth and breastfeeding educator, and  student midwife. She is an advocate for women's reproductive wellness and rights - especially within communities of color. She is the Director of Coloring Between The Lines - a community organization providing monthly support meetings, education classes and workshops, and breastfeeding services for low income women of color in Alabama.

Also known as The Modern Doula - Kayla is a birth doula from California where she worked as a volunteer doula for low income foster youth and with organizations such as the Joy In Birthing Foundation. She has written articles about birth, fertility, pregnancy and fertility nutrition, and womb health published by Huffington Post, WellRoundedNY, Mother.ly, Yoniversity, and Euphoric Herbals. 

Now residing in Alabama, she has hosted, Meet Your Local Doula, at Pottery Barn Kids in Birmingham and has also been part of This Is How We Doula hosted by ICAN of Birmingham. She has also earned her RTY-200. 



Training+ Certification:

Nutritionist Adviser Certification - Centre of Excellence
Child Birth Educator Certification - Birth Arts International
County Liaison + Representative - Alabama Birth Coalition
Color Between The Lines: Mothers Of Color Breastfeeding Support 

What I'm Currently Doing: 

Certified Lactation Consultant Program- Healthy Childrens Project
Perinatal Mental Health Certification Program - Postpartum Support International
Trained Midwife / Certified Profession Midiwfe Program - Midwife To Be

Other Writing + Blogging:

Wellrounded NY
Euphoric Herbals
Huffington Post

Kayla Bitten also serves as a Board Member of Alabama Cohosh Collaborative and the Director of Coloring Between The Lines: Mothers Of Color Breastfeeding Support.
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