Pain Is Expected - The Tools Of Labor

3:40 PM

Lets chat about pain, shall we? 

We know the overly dramatic scenes in movies and on television shows that show women screaming in complete and utter pain while laboring + delivering. 

While these scenes and ideas are pushed into our subconscious, they are not the complete idea of pain during labor + delivery. 

Of course, do not get me wrong, pain is to be expected. You are feeling your cervix dilate and expand in order to make room to bring your wee one into this world. While it may not be so dramatic, there will be pain and discomfort that will come with the birthing experience. 

So, let's chat a bit about what's happening to your body and how it is that you can become more informed about your options and how to construct a pain-management toolbox that you can share with your birth team, spouse, and partner(s).

During labor, your cervix starts to open up causing something called contractions. Contractions are the uterine muscles flexing in intervals and dilating is taking place which is the opening of the cervix. Contractions can come every 5 to 20 minutes and last for anywhere between 30 to 60 seconds. 

These contractions can start out mild and become more intense as the process enters active labor. 

During both of these times, it would be important to utilize the above pain management toolbox or any combination of ways to cope with the pain and discomfort that you will experience, including: 

  • Rebozo
  • Birth Ball or Peanut
  • Water Therapy
  • Warm/Cold Compresses
  • Movement
  • Essential Oils
These are just a few things that you can chat with your birth team about having available for you during labor. 

Grab a piece of paper or your birth journal and create a pain management toolbox that you can make copies of and give out to your birth team. You can ask your birth team, partner, or doula to gather the supplies for you and have them ready in your birth bag. 

The use of a pain management toolbox helps both physically, emotionally, and mentally with this process. 

Try it out! 

And remember, take care of you.   

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