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Preparing for baby is exciting and one of my favorite things to help my clients do.

However, I can agree that it can be very, very overwhelming. There are so many different products, technologies, and companies that provide a long list of things that mama's may not even know that they need (or want).

Since officially adding nursery prep to my doula services, I've compiled a long list of my favorite brands, companies, and products that are a must to have or at least check out.

I've partnered with The Honest Company to bring you some of my favorite items that they carry! The Honest Company is a wellness brand with values rooted in consciousness, community, transparency and design founded by actress, Jessica Alba. Housing safe and toxic free options for you and your wee one. Below are some of my FAVORITES that I recommend for my mama's, mama's-to-be, and simply for the wellness guru in you.

  1. Overnight Diapers. These overnight diapers are adorable, right?! These hypoallergenic diapers saves you a lot of worry. Free of perfumes, dyes, and everything not nice. There are a great range of sizes, colors, and patterns and are designed to keep your wee one dry for up to 12 hours. 
  2. Lactation Plus Capsules. Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing. Sometimes, however, we may need a little help. These supplements are a perfect fit providing 60 capsules to help with milk supply. These capsules are also made from vegetables and without any gluten, soy, or dairy -- all things that can cause acid re-flux, constipation, and other things in your wee one. These magnetic bandana bibs are cute, too!
  3. Hydrating Shea Butter Bar Soap. Essential and moisturizing oils? Yes! This hypoallergenic soap is just as luxurious as the website says. Made without animal fat, dyes, and parabens. The perfect soap for those days you need to get clean fast but want to feel like you just spent hours in a bubble bath. 
  4. Baby Laundry Detergent. The little wee one's go through a lot of clothes and diapers, right? Especially if you've chosen the cloth diaper path. The Honest Companies baby detergent is gentle and will leave you far from worried when you're loading up the washing machine. This detergent has been through safety screenings and tested for sensitivity and is fragrance-free. 
These are just a few of The Modern Doula approved products that The Honest Company has to offer. I also suggest The Honest Company's bundles -- including personal care + diaper bundles. You can click the banner link below to get $20 off your first month's diaper + wipes bundle!
The Honest Company

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