Postpartum Care: What Does It Consist Of + What Does It Mean For You

8:05 PM

Having a baby is exciting, right?

We are so thrilled when we announce the pregnancy. Filled with cake and balloons and gender reveal goodness. We are even excited about each trimester, even though they bring their own highs and lows, we know that the end result will be a precious wee one.

We chop up the pregnancy stage to be about 9-10 months long and we think that the hard part put on our bodies is over.

What we forget about is the postpartum stage. In my practice, I like to tack this stage onto the pregnancy timeline. I consider the initial 9-10 months of carrying baby as just that, but once birth happens, I am still looking at my client as if we still have one more trimester to go. This trimester, however, can take however long it needs and I call this stage, POSTPARTUM.

So what exactly is postpartum?

Postpartum is the period of time that takes place after childbirth. You probably are more familiar with the term postpartum depression which comes about in lots of women. Creating headaches, dizziness, fatigue, mood swings, and other complicated things. However, because of these things, advocating for my clients to partake in postpartum care with a postpartum doula or other health provider is huge on my list.

Like I mentioned, this is just another trimester where your hormones are a wee bit imbalanced and you're super exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically because of it. Postpartum care is a great choice and avenue to consider during, before, and even after pregnancy and childbirth - it's never to late to solicit help!

So what does postpartum care consist of?

Well, that all depends on your doula and your needs but here are a few to name and the benefits you may get from them:

  1. Meal Prep + Cooking. When you're taking care of a new born, thinking of and preparing meals can be so time consuming and exhausting. Your postpartum doula can be there to help you prep these meals so that all you have to do is pop it in the oven or even cook some up for you. Most postpartum doulas have specialties in nutrition to some degree, so it will also be great for keeping up on your healthy foods.
  2. Night Shift. Getting a good night's rest is important even for new mothers. I know, I know - "they" say that it's normal to loose sleep when you're a new mother but I'm here to tell you I don't agree and neither will your postpartum doula. You can request your doula to pull a few night shifts so that you can get some uninterrupted sleep even if for a few hours.
  3. Household Duties. There are a lot of diapers, towels, socks, and even more, that I'm sure continues to pile up and that's not including your normal list of cleaning and laundry. But, help is here. Chat with your doula about needing some light help around the house. She'll gladly help you with these types of things.
  4. Self Care. We slightly take advantage of the smallest things that we do daily, effortlessly. Like showering, washing our hair, exfoliating, and more that are part of our daily routine. New mothers realize this especially. Having your doula take care and spend time with baby can allow you to do these very vital things. Maybe even sneak in an hour bath with bubbles and stress relief candles.
  5. Emotional Support. The worries of being a new mother are real. Questions and concerns come up constantly in your head awaiting confirmation or comforting. We love postpartum doulas for this reason. They offer support in listening, advice, and just plain 'ol chatting with you about this unfamiliar but beautiful journey. Anything from breastfeeding questions and support to nutrition ideas and postpartum depression support can be so beneficial for you and literally the most wonderful thing. 
Keep in mind that these are only a few ways postpartum doulas can be great for this time in your journey. You can always chat with the doula you're interviewing about the services they offer and your needs. I'm more than positive that things can be compromised and customized for you and your family. 

All in all, any and all support are welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated if it helps you on your journey.

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