4 Nutritional Beauty Tips For Postpartum

12:39 PM

We can all agree that as women, we love sharing, hearing, and trying out the latest beauty secrets. So much that sometimes we don't even realize what it is we are actually​ putting onto our skin and pores. 

We don't particularly pay attention to exactly what is going on around us to cause our skin to react in a way to even search high and low for these secrets. Not even in the most hormonal stages such as pregnancy. 

But let's face it, during pregnancy our skin, hair, and all around body definitely changes and shifts but those changes don't really show the definite changes until postpartum. 

Postpartum is that tricky trimester that can overload you with a plethora of things including changes to your regimens and how you nurture yourself. Of course, we begin to think, “Who really has the time to focus their postpartum journey on their beauty regimen?” I know, I know. Trust me, as a doula, I see the many things my clients experience and immediate concern about beauty is not the first one but the great thing about clean beauty is that it can come from the most unexpected places like your nutrition.

Nutrition is a huge factor in the beauty regimen. What we put in our bodies is basically what we put on our bodies because it becomes our bodies! 

Still with me? I've put together four nutritional beauty secrets to help you create a beauty regimen that can serve to aide your beauty and your wellness in the simplest way possible during postpartum and beyond: 

1. Bone Broth can never steer you wrong. It's a yummy and nutritionally stimulating way to incorporate beauty and wellness aiding properties into your daily or weekly routine such as mushrooms and herbs. Bone broth does wonders for your hair, skin, and gut. Let's face it, postpartum acne is real and what a lot of us don't realize is that acne is connected to gut health. Stop by your local butcher or market for frozen or fresh beef or chicken bones. 

2. GOOD FATS are surely underestimated. All fat is not bad, I promise. Adding them to your diet can help with your tissues and muscles that you work out after taking a good brisk walk, yoga, or running around after your wee one and is a great way to shape those killer calves and back muscles you've been dying to start defining. Incorporating them are also amazing for breast health. Try adding more avocado, olive oil, and nuts to your daily meal schedule. 

3. Water, Water, Water! This one is pretty easy right? But honestly, no matter how much we know it, there's nothing like a light bulb going off when you hear about the beauty and health benefits. Hydration helps with aging, energy, fatigue, and wrinkles. You can sneak hydration into your regimen in many ways like watermelon, cucumbers, celery, and good 'ol fashioned water bottles. Hydration on multiple forms have proven to help reverse the aging process. Try facial mist along with your daily water intake.

4. OMEGA 3’S are probably my favorite next to the whole ‘good fats’ thing. Salmon and broccoli are perfect sources. Don't just rely on fish! Dark, green veggies are pretty much your best friend when it comes to the beauty aiding properties. Adding Omega’s in a very dense way to your biggest meals of the day works magic on your hair and nails. And let's be honest, postpartum starts to do really freaky things to your hair's luster and strength. 

It's about that time where you are more than capable and deserving to feel like yourself. The time where your wee one is starting to shift ever so slightly into their routine and personality. And for most cases, that person can look and feel a wee bit different from whom you're used to seeing and that's okay! The point is to understand your body and work with this new armor and vehicle you call your post-baby body. To aide the very things that aren't issues but make you beautiful already, in a healthier way. 

Beauty is nurturing. Nutrition is comfort. Remember, take care of you.

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