Making Peace With Food + Practicing Intentional Eating: Combating Stress + Emotional Trauma for Healthier and More Conscious Eating

6:10 PM

Sometimes food and nutrition can be troubling. We tend to be hard on ourselves when it comes to eating and the types of food that we choose to eat. Food is one of those things that can make us really happy and quickly make us really self conscious and sad.

Have you ever heard that we eat with our eyes? A large percentage of the time, we consume with our eyes first. Keeping this fact in mind will make sense as I continue to chat.

To intentionally eat means to become aware of your body, its functions, and what about food brings you joy and how that either benefits you or hurts you. I am an advocate for paying attention and listening to our wombs. But what would happen if we applied that to our organs and their functions.

Have you ever noticed that you may eat a piece of cheese or drink something with a significant amount of dairy in it and your digestive system does one of two things: slows down or speeds up. By listening to your body and your gut (literally!) you will see that its trying to tell you something! See how simple that is?

There are a few ways that we tend to not have such a peaceful relationship with food and we end up paying for it later through digestion complications, womb congestion, irregular period, weight gain, and skin complications. Two of those things which are also the most common are STRESS and EMOTIONAL TRAUMA.


We all have our quirks and habits that we lean toward when we're stressed. One of the most common, even if we don't realize it, is our diet. Comfort foods and sugars start to come out of no where!

We end up feeling overly full and indulgent and completely horrible. We end up having to deal with excess gas, stomach cramps, and weight gain. And sometimes even headaches and huge amounts of fatigue and mood swings.

When stressed, it is imperative to practice eating intentionally and for a purpose. What's that purpose? To make sure you are getting your daily recommended amount of nutrients that you need to strive throughout your day and through the Suns peaks (which causes your metabolism to speed up or down).

There are yummy ways to feel like you are indulging but not overly so.


Eating when in a heightened emotional state is celebrated, have you noticed? Weddings, graduations, anniversaries, funerals, job promotions, baby showers, and the list goes on.

It's become a pretty normal thing to eat our feelings whether it be during a happy time or during traumatic events. Eating this way has completely taken out the nutritional value of what foods purpose is. We are to eat to live, not live to eat.

To brake this cycle, we must unlearn and relearn our relationship with food and curate a healthy way to express this relationship.


So how do I suggest we start to recreate our relationship with food and become more conscious and intentional?

  1. Choose a farmers market over a grocery store. This act of intentionally choosing where you want your produce (and even meats + eggs) to come from is the first step.
  2. Selecting your foods with love and purpose and not just because you see it. Asking who, what, when, where, why, how.
  3. Creating the scene! Cooking your food and preparing your meals should be something like a ritual. It should be filled with love, light, and lots of air! Your energy and the energy of your kitchen should be infused with love.
  4. Intentionally and consciously cook your food! Pay attention to the colors, the amount you are choosing to cook (too much, too little), the herbs, spices, oils you're using. Paying attention and making a memory of these things will curate positive senses toward your food.
  5. Enjoy! Enjoy know that you made it intentionally, consciously, and with love.

Before you know it, you will realize how much of a stress reliever and emotion meditation and therapy this is.

Remember, take care of you.


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