Fertility: When You Should Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins (+ Other Supplements) + My Top 3 Ways To Incorporate Them

3:41 PM

There are a million things that run through our minds when it comes to getting our bodies and womb ready for baby. From our diet to the type of oils we use and even the type of tampons.

One of the things that I swear by are prenatal vitamins.

I am an advocate for taking and incorporating supplements and herbs in your every day diet, even in the simplest of ways. Whether it be via daily use of organic, fresh onions, garlic, and rosemary or the help of your favorite multi-vitamins and teas, supplements are always a good idea including prenatal vitamins and supplements.

What are prenatal vitamins? They are similar to multi-vitamins but contain more of specific nutrients necessary for a healthy womb, baby, and pregnancy. The benefits of taking prenatal vitamins are endless including the healthy amount of Folic Acid which is needed for cell development. Taking them when you are trying to conceive or are newly pregnant are excellent ideas that I highly recommend to my clients.

How long should you take prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant? Well, depending on my client and their path to conceiving, I recommend anywhere from 3 - 7 months before conceiving while also continuing through while actively trying to conceive and pregnancy.

There are many different types of vitamins and supplements that have all the nutrients needed for a healthy womb, pregnancy, and baby. Here are my top three ways to incorporate them into your diet:

  1. Smoothies! Incorporating a daily supplement into your smoothie can help with forgetting when you need to take it! It's an easy to mesh two things that are amazing for your wellness and your womb.
  2. Tea! Choosing a tea blend that has all the nutrients that you need daily for a healthy womb is another great way to get it in! You can opt to make a huge batch ahead of time and refrigerate for a cool, refreshing drink. Or have it straight from the kettle.
  3. Capsules! Good ol' fashioned vitamin and supplement capsules will never steer you wrong. Some of us can easily remember to take our vitamins everyday and swallow with ease. When all else fails, stick to what you know.
Remember to check with your doula, midwife, and other care provider before choosing a supplement especially if you are already pregnant.

This process it fun! Loosen up! Enhancing our wellness is fun and exciting. It's a time to realize how amazing our bodies actually already are and how we an enhance the feeling and experience - whether because we are trying to conceive or just all around need a wellness boost.

Don't take it too seriously, have fun and loveee.

Remember, take care of you.

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