Yoni Work: Top 2 Things That Effect Your PH Balance

2:30 PM

We all want to make sure that are lady-parts are in order. We stress so much over how it looks, smells, breathes, and all that.

I've picked the top two things that will DEFINITELY effect your PH Balance. We need a healthy PH Balance in-order to have a balanced amount of good bacteria and a healthy womb and yoni. By limiting your intake or eliminating these things all together you will begin to feel and smell a difference.

Remember, diet and hygiene go hand in hand. If you are eating something that is effecting your PH Balance, it will definitely effect the smell and feel. and vice versa.

Sugar. We all know that things like wheat and dairy can affect our yoni. However, a lot of us don't know that white sugar intake can contribute to problems with the yoni. It can contribute to causing yeast infections -- Try fruits and yogurt instead

Soap. I cannot reiterate enough how much using products such as soaps, body wash, and even most feminine washes can drastically affect your ph balance. The yoni is not dirty. It does not need to be cleaned like the rest of your body. Using a clean cloth and warm water is enough to keep her healthy and juicy. (Have a lot of discharge? Using your clean finger while in the shower to push out extra discharge is enough to keep the bad bacteria out and cleanliness of your yoni.) 

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