Beauty: 4 Ways To Use Activated Charcoal + Why

9:32 PM

As we slide more and more into the modern day and age we are starting to realize that there are plenty of things we want to put in and on our bodies and plenty of things that we do not.

We seem to always be looking for the next big thing in order to obtain optimal health and beauty for as long as our bodies will let us. But you want to know a secret? We have been healing ourselves long before it became crucial and an act of resistance to our world's current dependence on artificial food, products, and etc.

So let’s take it back to an old personal favorite. Activated charcoal is the master at eliminating toxins on the outside and inside of our bodies. Here are four ways to use activated charcoal and why you’ll be thanking me and Mother Earth later.

1. Facial Mask. A DIY facial mask using activated charcoal will remove impurities and dirt on and in your pores that will leave you looking and feeling so fresh and clean, it’s unreal. Don’t forget to moisturize! An activated charcoal mask can leave your face feeling really, really dry.

2. Bathe In It. Having skin issues? What about eczema flare ups? Putting a bit of activated charcoal in your bath has proven to help with a plethora of skin issues and ailments.

3. Drink It! It is just as important to worry about what you are putting on your body as it is about what you are putting into it. Drinking a small amount in about a cup of water can help draw out any impurities that you have going on within your body. It is amazing way to detox.

4. Toothpaste. Adding some to your toothpaste can act as a natural teeth whitener. It is also very healthy for those of us struggling with gingivitis and sensitivity.

These are just a few things that I suggest to family, friends, and clients but there are so, so many other ways to incorporate activated charcoal into your routine.

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