Womb Work: How I Diagnosed Myself & Healed My Painful Menstrual Cramps (And Other Symptoms) + Womb Congestion

10:43 AM

I was a vibrant young woman in her very early twenties. I spent time with friends at museums and bars. I chatted about art and music while enjoying a glass or two of wine accompanied by decadent cheese and crackers. That was until my cycle every month.

I had issues with menstrual cramping before but not how I did this very traumatizing cycle.

It was July 5th and I was abruptly interrupted out of my sleep by a weird urge to rush to the bathroom for what I thought was just a sign of good digestion. Not even two minutes in the bathroom and I was hit by a wave of excruciating pain that even to this day I cannot put into words. A million thoughts ran through my head as to what this could be.

I managed to crawl to the bedroom of my parents and let out a huge cry for help. I couldn't sit, stand, or kneel for longer than a few seconds without a wave of pain forcing me back to the ground. I began to feel nauseous and proceeded to vomit violently. Maybe I was dehydrated.

Whatever liquid I put in my body did not last longer than a couple minutes. I spent four hours vomiting and in so much pain I could do nothing but cry and wish that it would all just stop.

Around hour four, my parents made the decision to call the ambulance and rush me to the emergency room - something just was not right.

Once the pain subsided, I was told by the doctor that I was dehydrated (ya think? I've been vomiting for four hours) and that I had, and I quote, "severe menstrual pains". That's it? That's it. I was sent home.

After taking about two days to recover, I decided to use what I know best - my intuition and the internet. Something was telling me that there was something more to this "severe menstrual pains" thing and I was determined to find out.

I adopted a certain type of diet when I turned eighteen. I ate mostly vegetables and as little sugar, soda, and sweets as possible. I was newly transitioning to natural hair and it was imperative to me to dive into this journey in the best way possible. I continued to eat meat and dairy occasionally when I wanted it, not when it was just accessible to me. However, I'd noticed around the time of the incident I became heavily dependent on meats and dairy that were far from the praxis I had adopted (like only eating organic, grass-fed).

I challenged myself to look at this as the root of the problem and do my best to eliminate animal protein as much as possible to further access if this had an impact on the excruciating pain I was feeling every month.

Menstrual cycles are not supposed to be painful. At least not to that degree. I should feel connected and more of myself when on my cycle. My womb should feel full and the contractions should feel subtle. I was spending entirely too much time dependent on pain killers, heating pads, and bed-ridden doctors notes.

I began to use all natural products on my body - only sugars, salts, and essential oils would touch my skin. I incorporated two big ass salads a day into my diet. spent time doing more mindful yoga, meditation, and intuitive listening to my body and how it was reacting to the type of nourishment I was giving it.

I limited my liquid intake to water and tea. I ate lots of raw fruits and vegetables, soups, broths, and much, much more fish than red meat or chicken.

I began to immediately see a huge change in my skin, hair, and my womb. The dull pain, bloating, and congestion I had come accustomed to diminished greatly.

The next couple of months when my cycle would come around, I felt how I knew I was supposed to feel - connected, in control, and MYSELF.

I ultimately took my personal experience and curated a lifestyle shift and change that worked well for me. I added a lot more fresh juices, smoothies, and vegan options into my diet as the months went on but I can honestly say that my battle with any type of abnormal pains and aches started and ended in that hospital.

I am a firm believer that what we eat and how we eat it directly effects our womb. I am a firm believer that added hormones in our foods (specifically meats that are not organic and grass-fed) create imbalances within our bodies and how our wombs react when trying to restore and reset itself each month is our wombs way of letting us know that something we are doing is not nourishing but hurting us. 

I have dedicated my time and energy to helping women understand that bed-ridden cycles do not have to be the norm. By following a nutrition lifestyle that is curated just for us, we can thrive during a time that we are meant to.

I fall short, that's balance, but the important thing to know is that nothing that is causing us pain because of what we are eating is normal. Our wombs are the real life source. The birth of nations. The key to life. And to a healthier you.

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