Womb Wellness + Acne: Discovering Hormonal Imbalances Through Breakouts + Clearing Your Acne

9:37 PM

We have all heard of how stress can be related to our skin irritations and problems. Stress is a sign of hormonal imbalance - something is happening that is making your hormones peak and causing you acne.

Women with acne (from mild to severe) usually break out on their faces around the cheek and jawline areas due to hormonal imbalances.

Like I have mentioned a couple times before in other articles, hormonal imbalances can come from anywhere including stress and dealing with a new life event. Break outs due to hormonal imbalances are also very common during the menstrual cycle and those of us dealing with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and endometriosis. Our skin tells us everything we need and want to know about our wombs and our guts. Breakouts and acne around the time of hormonal imbalance flare ups are just an extension of that.

But now that we know the cause, what is it that we can do to help with clearing up the acne and dealing with stress and hormonal imbalances? What is it that we can use that is natural and holistic?


ACV is the go to for clearing up skin and promoting a healthy and beautiful glow from the inside out. There are many ways that you can incorporate AVC into your routine from hair to skin to the gut.

It has amazing properties that deeply cleanses your pores while simultaneously helping to keep your skin clear from breakouts. It is also just all around amazing for a healthy gut and womb. There are a few ways to intake ACV however, I love taking it straight or putting a wee bit in my water during a busy week of clients and birth work. You can also apply it to your face kind of like you would a toner or skin tonic. Try this around the time of your menstrual cycle and see what happens.

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