Yoni Work: Three Reasons You're Not Juicy Down There + How to Fix It

7:05 PM

We can chat about vaginal dryness, right? I mean we pretty much chat about everything else from vaginal discharge to vaginal smells so it was a matter of time before I addressed an issue that is so common I'm surprised it took me this long to write about.

There are a number of reasons that lack of a juicy yoni can occur but I am going to chat about the most common that I have suggested to clients, family and friends. So, relax because it may shock you.

1. Hormones. As women and folks with wombs our hormones are always in charge. We are constantly dealing with them and their subtle (or not so subtle) shifts during different cycles (ovulation, fertility, menstrual) and just how sensitive they can be toward our everyday lives (did you just get a promotion? your hormones more than likely shifted). Incorporating practices to help maintain balanced hormones will help with keeping a steady flow of vaginal juiciness. Happy ph balance of hormones means a happy yoni. Try becoming more conscious of what is happening to you and your body on a daily basis. Include enough water, veggies, and tea into your diet that help with balance. This is also the case if you just gave birth.

2. Psychological. What's happening up there? We all have psychological connection to our wombs and yonis whether we understand it or not. Holding on to old emotions, traumas, and pain (physical included) can contribute to the lack of a juicy yoni. Understanding where the psychological disconnect comes from will help you let go and start to connect with your yoni, womb, and sexual self again. Try reading my other article on ways to connect to your yoni using meditation.

3. Low Sex Drive. This one is kind of a given. Having a low sex drive can stop your yoni from producing it's natural lubricant. Try adding a bit more foreplay into your sexual life with your partner and partaking in some self loving. Masturbation has long been suggested to help in low sex drive.

I hope this helped. There are plenty of other reasons that you might be experiencing dryness - the best way to really hit the nail on the head is to consult with your doula, primary care person, or midwife. Allowing time to get regular consultations and womb sessions will help a lot with staying in the know-why with your yoni.

Go ahead and give me a call.

Happy Healing, xx.

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