Yoni Work (pt.4): Breathing + Guided Meditation For Juicy Yoni's (3 steps)

6:59 PM

Our psychological state will always be part of our yoni and womb health. Our traumas can effect how our bodies react to things of the sexual (or not so sexual) nature.

I have curated a few steps on how to partake in your own personal breathing and meditation technique that will help and is good for a more relaxed, juicy, and healthy yoni.

Conscious breath will always be an essential part of connecting to all thing womb and reproductive health. It give us the chance to silence ourselves enough to listen and become alert and aware of each breath taken into the diaphragm and out. Lets start by picking somewhere to sit on the floor with our legs crossed. Closing our eyes and positioning ourselves that makes us feel comfortable and grounded.

1. Lets place our hands, palms up into our lap and relax the shoulders. 
Picture a beautiful rose in the middle of a garden - red, pink, yellow. 
As we are picturing this rose, begin by breathing deeply, consciously, and slowly inhaling and exhaling. Filling your belly with air and letting it out. 
Keep this image in your head as you breath deeply for the next few minutes. 

2. After about ten sets of deep breaths, move your hands and place them - one on your womb and the other on your yoni.
Breath for three more sets. 

3. Lets us then continue breathing while taking that still image of the rose in the garden and imagining it slowly opening up and standing at attention to the sun above. Imagining that to be our yoni, opening up and allowing positive energy and nutrients such as the sun to heal it in the most gentle way possible; Connecting to the rose your are imagining as if it is your yoni - symbolizing opening up and setting free. 

Allow yourself a time three times a week, for two weeks to partake in this imagery meditation and notice the difference in your womb and yoni's reaction to sexual stimulation and even feel how more sensitive the yoni is.

Document your experience and share with me how you feel!

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