Womb Work: Why Your Menstrual Cycle Is Late + When To Be Alarmed

10:41 PM

Okay, so we all have had the scare at least once, right? Thinking that you're pregnant or that something is horribly wrong with your womb because why else would your period be missing for days and days and days and.. (you get the point).

Well, actually, there are a million and one reasons (more like a few) as to why the sacred blood is not flowing when it is usually scheduled to. Here are my top five reasons that I suggest to my clients when educating them on getting to know their wombs and their cycles!

1. DIET: I know I mention diet a lot but it is really the most important thing to take notice to. What you put into your mouth and digestive system is directly connected to your womb and yoni. An excessive amount (whatever that looks like for your body & diet, we are all different because of size, physical activity, and lifestyle [vegan/vegetarian]) of sugars, dairy, soy, and protein can surprisingly, drastically change your cycle from flow to frequency.

2. STRESS: This one is commonly known. What is currently taking place in your life is a huge thing to take into consideration. New jobs, relationships, city, apartment, and even a new pet can all cause stress and changes in our adrenaline which directly effects our womb.

3. BIRTH CONTROL: I am aware that a lot of women use birth control as a means to regulate their period but sometimes it may cause it to act a wee bit differently as well. I highly recommend using the right birth control for you and your body including paying attention to dosage. I suggest the lowest possible so that your hormones remain very close to what they were before you started taking the pill and you can better gauge what it is that is effecting your womb and cycle.  

4. (IMPORTANT) TAMPONS & PADS: This is a new one for some of you. Your tampons and pads may actually be causing you to have irregular menstrual cycles, heavier flows, and more intense cramps and discomfort. Try using cloth pads or organic, bleach and chemical free tampons seeing that these chemicals found in both hygiene products and linked to the issues I mentioned above.

5. (IMPORTANT) SLEEP: Not allowing yourself the proper amount of sleep can drastically change your period in a couple ways. The most common is that it delays when your period actually starts. Getting the adequate amount of sleep allows your womb to do her job which is be your internal clock! If you don't rest and rejuvenate, neither will she. You know how you get and feel when you don't get enough sleep and then you're expected to do the day to day responsibilities, right?! So imagine how she feels... Free her up from fatigue!

Outside of all these things, if you are still experiencing a lack of flow after about 2 - 3 months, you should definitely contact your OB/GYN or primary care provider because you may be experiencing some medical issues. You may also be experiencing early signs of pregnancy, which in that case, give me a call!

A missing or irregular cycle for up to three months is quite normal if you are experiencing even the slightest of any of the things I mentioned above, so don't worry. But of course, only YOU know your body. So if your intuition is telling you that something is up like pregnancy or medical issues contact someone as soon as you can.

Remember, your body is yours and it is really important to get to know your womb and yoni for reasons that benefit you and your womb now, later, and beyond. 

Happy Healing. xx

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