Healing Goddess Guru: Dainty "Dainty Box" Smith

8:00 PM

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the breathtaking Dainty "Dainty Box" Smith in a new series I am calling: Healing Goddess Guru

Tell us a little about yourself. (job title, business name/praxis, etc). I am a storyteller and that means I am an actor, burlesque performer, writer, and producer. What's your sign!? I am a scorpio! Right at the end, so I've got some fire from Sagittarius as well. How long have you been a burlesque performer? I've been a burlesque performer for 10 years. You help folks shift and transition into body positivity with your work and workshops! How did you get started and what is your most memorable experience? I got started performing due a combination of things: I had admired Josephine Baker for a long time and I was ready to start performing when a friend invited me to perform in their drag king show. So it was perfect timing and a happy accident. It's hard to pick my most memorable experience, there's been so many wonderful and fulfilling experiences. But when an audience member comes up to me after a show and is so excited about loving her body and feeling affirmed and good in her skin. It's such a heart squeeze moment. What is the most important way to stay aligned and balance within a field that requires so much energy exchange as yours? I am still learning what that balance looks like but I have found that I need to take alone time for myself, sitting back with a cup of tea, reading a good book or watching a silly show on netflix is so necessary. It allows me space to be still, refuel, and get my energy back. Finding time to go for a walk, even something as simple as a long hot shower can be so refreshing. Water is healing. One of my praxis is to "always be healing". What is one thing that you would always suggest that we as women always do to make sure we are constantly healing? Such a good question! I really suggest taking time to be with yourself, lotion your body when you get out of the shower or bath, gently comb and oil your hair, take 10 minutes to do gentle stretches. 

Women give so much away to the people in our lives and there isn't anything 'wrong' with that but it's so important to feel connected to ourselves, to connect with your bodies, to give ourselves self care in a mindful way and not seeing it as 'thing to do' or a chore. As Toni Morrison said ''You are your best thing.''. How do you get in-touch with and/or release your inner Goddess? I sometimes take a moment, I put my hand on my heart and I ask myself what am I feeling right this minute? What is it I need? Honouring and listening to my heart means so much to me and I get hear what my spirit needs. What does wellness mean to you? For me, wellness is reminding myself not to be hard or punishing on myself, remembering to be gentle with myself and take my time. Not fall into the cult of busy. What are you reading right now? I'm reading 'Finding soul on the path of Orisa'' by Tobe Melora Correal. Three words that describe your journey thus far on the earth. Hopeful. Fearful/less. Learning.

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