Beauty: 3 Reasons Why Sea Salt Scrubs Are Perfect For Your Skin

2:00 PM

Our skin is one of the most important and honest organs we have. Making sure that we maintain it is just as important as making sure we maintain the organs inside our bodies.

While curating The Modern Doula Pantry & Beauty collections, I decided to start posting a few articles speaking about the benefits of the ingredients I am using to help you incorporate healing into your everyday routines. So here are three reasons why Sea Salt Scrubs are amazing for keeping your skin lovely and healthy.

1. Magnesium. It is amazing for those seeking anti-aging benefits when searching for the best products. It is also needed to rejuvenate the cells in the body along with helping fight against skin allergies and acne breakouts.

2. Potassium. If you have dry skin and it's making your skin seem like it has more wrinkles and is aging faster than normal? Then you are probably lacking potassium in and on your body!

3. Calcium. Our skin has to shed in order to produce new skin cells (these new skin cells are made up of the foods we eat!). Calcium helps shed old skin and those lacking calcium may have more fragile and dry skin than those who aren't. Calcium also helps fight against skin cancers.

Knowing what you're putting on your skin and the benefits it will bring will help you better understand what it is that you need to keep your body healthy in all aspects.

Did you know that all three of the benefits I listed above are also necessary to help prevent menstrual pains and cramps and also aides in hair growth? Yes. ALL THREE. So there's no wonder why you'll find an assortment of amazing organic, and energized sea salts in both the beauty and pantry collection at The Modern Doula Shoppe available 2016.

Happy Healing. xx

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