Womb Work: Fertility, Birthing, + Releasing Trauma

6:07 PM

When working as a birth doula in California the previous 2+years, I noticed something that effected the way I approached my practice as a birth doula and labor support person, forever.

I worked primarily with low-income women of color in rural areas and also with foster youth both independently and through the Joy In Birthing Foundation. In the beginning on my work, I just could not understand why the experience I had supporting my clients of color were very different from those who were not of color.

For as long as I am sure we all can remember, women's bodies, especially black women's bodies, have always been the center of conversations in the most intrusive of ways. However, I want to switch the conversation over to an observation from my work as a birth doula and why I run my doula practice now the way that I do and it is all directly connected to one word:


When taking in new clients, we get to know each other by asking questions and revealing a bit about ourselves. Part of my praxis is to also get a history of anything that may be a trigger and contribute to any type of complications during birth - including complications like 'LETTING GO".

A trigger may consist of many things, but those most common that I come in contact with include: history of miscarriage (with self or within family), emotional traumas from childhood (abrasive, abusive speech from one's parents resulting in feeling inadequacy about one's own children/birth or scared of repeating the cycle), birthing while black, sexual preferences, and the list could go on depending on the client.

Recognizing these things in the first few conversations with my client is important because it helps me understand where their mind is at or could possibly be closer to their due date/month. Allowing time to create a safe space for my client where they can express these things can encourage the act of letting go of old traumas ultimately allowing them to let go when it is necessary during active labor and allow them to feel confident in understanding and realizing that this is exactly what their bodies are made to do and to listen to it while allowing it to do it's job. 

It's vital that I guide my clients, sensitively, into releasing these traumas (even if that just means acknowledging them) through a series of different exercises that are proven to make a huge impact on my clients' ability to conceive and birth without fear. Or even just begin their journey to having a much healthier and kinder relationship with their wombs. 

So, what are a few ways that I have helped pregnant and non-pregnant women release and let go for optimal womb health and what are your options?
- Body/Yoni Mapping
- Yoga & Meditation
- Good 'ol Conversation & Sessions

I am so committed to helping every person with a womb have the best intuitive connection they can have with their bodies and understanding that stagnant energies, racial tensions, and just plain 'ol fear do not have to be a foundation of living.

Remember, you are your priority, take care of you.

Be well.

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