Womb Work: Dairy, Probiotics, & Your Womb + How It Effects Your Fibroids, Digestion, & Skin

6:39 PM

I know, I know... This one post will probably not be long enough to jam-pack all the knowledge + experience I have with clients (and myself) when it comes to dairy and our wombs. But let's try! I think you'll like my story.

I'm starting a new apprenticeship with a really amazing esthetician who is helping me create a wee bit of a more luxurious doula practice that includes:


I have long offered advice on skin care since I started mixing up my own natural and organic remedies a few years back to family and friends and the occasional client or two when asked what it is I do to keep my skin from breaking out and flaring up and my hair growing quickly and easily (also, my breast lacking discoloration).

It honestly was not until the end of 2014 did I realize a few things that are directly connected to my skin and how it glows: 


The skin is directly connected to our digestive system. Pretty much any and all things we put into our mouths have to be digested and will effect our skin, being that it is the biggest and most honest organ on our bodies. 

Around the end of 2014, I was so into my GLOW UP. Meaning looking in the mirror I saw nothing but a direct reflection of my diet (vegetarian with no dairy) and practices (regular yoga and womb meditation). I added dairy (cheese, mostly, and lots of it) back into my diet a few months into the new year of 2015 and I noticed a huge change in my skin, digestion, and my womb. 

And these changes sounded awfully familiar to my doula clients. 

When I take on a client, as I mentioned in the past, I pretty much get a full history including asking them to write down what a typical week of eating looked like for them. This almost, always included dairy which resulted in me dipping in to my herbalist bag to help with womb congestion (dull pain), excessive mucus, and digestion problems and also resulted in me suggesting little to no dairy in their diets at all ---- BOOM. 

A light bulb went off, at the end of the day, my clients are WOMEN. Regardless of whether we are both carrying a wee one or not, we both have wombs and a lot of times healing is the same. Cutting out diary resulted in me having better digestion, a lighter feeling womb (and feeling in-tune with her again, I was able to hear her again!), and much clearer skin. 

Non-organic dairy almost always carries a lot of hormones that are not compatible for our bodies, male or female. It causes something like an allergic reaction within our bodies that we have become so accustomed to that we just recognize as gas, indigestion, pimples, and fibroids. Non-organic dairy often feeds womb and digestion problems such as fibroids. 

So, where can you (we) go from here? 

DO get into incorporating Coconut Oil into your daily diet. It literally helps with everything. They even come in supplements if you can't do a spoonful a day because of taste.

DO find an organic and natural Probiotic supplement that is right for you and your body. Yogurt is not nearly enough to give you the amount of probiotic you need especially if healing from old habits like eliminating dairy. 

DO get into Greens. Eat some sunlight! Broccoli, kale, collards, all of that. 

DON'T partake in High-fat Dairy like butter, milk, cream, and etc. You will thank me later and so will your bum, womb, gut, and skin. 

Try this out for 3-weeks and let me know how you feel. 

Happy Healing xx

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