Winter Wellness Herb Guide: Herbs & Detoxing Your Pantry

6:39 PM

The winter can bring a long a lot of different feelings - some that are warm and fuzzy and some not so much. When consulting with clients during the winter months and season, I make sure that I keep their bodies guarded.

As a certified postpartum herbalist, the use of herbs, salts, and spices have become part of my every day life. They have all benefited me in ways that were and are both subtle and extremely noticeable. In celebration of Winter Season and all of it's glory I am giving you a few of the herb and herb mixtures I use to keep my clients and I guarded, grounded, and poppin'. 

Preparing food is one of the most sacred acts. I call this time my kitchen witch time. I use herbs, spices, and salts that nourish, heal, revitalize, and conjure up the purest and most positive of energies.

I use this time to set intentions of love and healing as I am cooking and using such medicinal and healing herbs. It helps center and ground me. Though I love using fresh herbs, sometimes there is nothing like using my Modern Doula Herb Blends (you like how I plugged that?) that I hand pick, dry, and mix myself. Here are a few of my go-to herbs during the dry, winter months:

1. SAGE, THYME, BASIL, & ROSEMARY: These herbs help with inflammation which is pretty common in the winter months as we are more prone to sore throats, swollen glands, and etc. You can also count on these herbs to help with oxygen. During the colder season, we tend to have a wee bit of a harder time breathing. Regularly incorporating these herbs in your diet during this time will help with oxygen flow (try a tea!). 

2. GARLIC: We all have heard the amazing things garlic does for the common cold and flu. Regularly adding fresh garlic to your meals can help fight off any unwanted bacteria. You can even finely chop up a few cloves and down the hatch for a quick cold and flu remedy.

3. HORSERADISH: Yum! Fermented foods are really great. This food, specifically if known as a super food. It helps with digestion and the immune system. This super food, along with other fermented foods, is really amazing for fertility and pregnancy when created organically (I will create another post specifically spotlighting this later).

When preparing for the colder season, it is really important to stock up on herbs (dried and fresh), garlic, and fermented foods to help aid you through any immune and respiratory issues that may come your way. It is also important to rid your pantry of any foods that may not be the best to consume during this time.

A lot of us don't partake in seasonal pantry cleansing and detoxing but it is a really effective ritual and necessity in order to thrive.

Healing is alchemy and when striving to heal our wombs and yoni's, we have to plug the process in all aspects on our life, especially in the areas that effect our wombs so directly such as how we eat, what we eat and what we put on our body.

Tapping into the alchemy and ritual of cooking meals that nourish the womb and body in a place that is also nourishing creates an amazing practice that contributes to our wellness. So what can you do to incorporate this praxis after you get all your winter herbs and fermented super foods together?

1. CLEAN YOUR PANTRY! Going through all product and figuring out what benefits you and what doesn't. Noticing what products go well with the season (always eat with the season!).

2. SAGE SMUDGE! Allow some positive energy and mental affirmations to travel toward your pantry.

A good affirmation could be: "Everything placed here with intentions of love and healing will nourish me and my womb."

I hope you have an amazing winter season! Can't wait to chat next season about Spring herbs and pantry rituals.

Happy Healing. xx

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