Wellness: Yoni Work (pt.3)

4:08 PM

Let's chat about something that is kept such a secret: smells. 

"Smells are a bit tricky. Like I mentioned before, your diet has a lot to do with how your body smells. It can be hard to determine if what you are smelling is directly connected to your yoni or your diet..." - Yoni Work (pt.2)

I sometimes find myself in the midst of conversations (or overhearing them) about how someone's yoni is smelling and feeling. I often want to whip out one of my business cards and just go to town on what I think may be going on with their yoni but sometimes, this can come off a bit invasive.

So, no fear, loves, I have decided to touch on a few common smells folks mention and what it may be telling you about what's going on in that womb on yours!

1. FISHY SMELLS: This is a common odor I hear about. Usually this is related to bacteria. Not properly handling your discharge and hygiene can contribute to this smell. However, it is very easy to clear up. By regularly checking your undies of excess discharge and properly cleansing your yoni (just water and clean fingers!) you should be able to stop such odor. (side note: pantie-liners can help! I highly recommend them. we expel so much discharge, as we should, and it is important to not sit on/in that for long periods of time. liners will help keep it dry and bad bacteria free!)

2. POOP: Believe it or not, this is entirely common (and too much, I may add). Realizing smells that are familiar to your bowels is a sign that you are not wiping correctly. As close as these two areas are one should never smell like the other. Remember to wipe FRONT to BACK. You can really harm your yoni if you are wiping too harshly and incorrectly. She is never dirty - be gentle and mindful.

3. FOOD: This is the only word I could think of that didn't sound a bit harsh. If your yoni is smelling like a mixture of food (i.e like a compost, just food smells everywhere) it probably has to do with your diet. Adding more water and nourishing broths and teas to you diet will help detox your gut and digestion which is where mostly all of this is coming from. and FRUIT, FRUIT, FRUIT. The sugars in them are so necessary.

4. SWEATY: Okay, so yes, of course we sweat down there. But if your DISCHARGE is smelling like this all too often, it probably has something to do with yeast. Try and eliminate yeast from your diet for about a 2 - 4 week period. Also, incorporate more water and better hygiene practices in your daily routines. You should start smelling and feeling a difference. If not, give me a call.

These are the four most common smells I interact with my clients about but they aren't the only ones! If you feel like you are alarmed by your yoni's odor, please contact your OB/GYN or Doula/Midwife (some handle women's health and some only handle pregnant women's health, check with them).

I hope this was helpful. Get to know your parts! Knowing yourself is very important and is vital in order for you to live your most authentic life!

Happy Healing xx.

p.s I think I will have a Q&A on my new periscope sometime this month. Follow me on Instagram @thmoderndoula to keep up with the dates! 

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