Wellness: Yoni Work (pt.2)

2:44 AM

"but Doula Kayla, what about my discharge?" 

Yes, Yes - I am finally here to bring you part two of Yoni Work. If you missed part one where I chatted about ph balance, go ahead and read it here

For most women discharge is one of the great wonders of the world when it comes to our yoni. There are a few basics and tips that will help you better understand your body and how to go about checking the well-being of your yoni

(#askdoulakayla: every yoni is different. please use this as a guide but remember that you are unique and you know your body best. if anything looks or feels out of the norm for your body, contact your ob/gyn or physician.)

Your yoni expels a fluid called discharge. Vaginal discharge is vital for a healthy functioning yoni and is also part of it's cleaning process. Discharge can vary in amount, size, color, and smell all depending on where you are in your cycle and your diet. However, there are a few things that are sure signs of abnormal discharge that you should take lightly including color. If your discharge is green, grey, deep yellow, chunky, or itchy you should contact your ob/gyn or physician and arrange for a check up. 

Smells are a bit tricky. Like I mentioned before, your diet has a lot to do with how your body smells. It can be hard to determine if what you are smelling is directly connected to your yoni or your diet. Try detoxing from processed foods, meat, and dairy for a week and allow your natural odor to become familiar to you. Doing this will help you recognize your yoni's natural smell (which is important to know!). 

(#askdoulakayla: remember, all yoni's are unique. your yoni will NEVER smell like "nothing" or "water" or "sweet" on a constant basis or at all.)

Excess discharge can also contribute to vaginal smell (and can be just plain annoying) especially close to ovulation time. You can reduce excess discharge when you shower by inserting a clean finger inside and getting rid of any excess discharge that may be hanging around. 

(#askdoulakayla: there is also absolutely nothing wrong with being a little extra 'juicy'. it's a sign of a healthy yoni, vulva, and womb.)

Get to know your yoni! We'll chat about exactly what and where the different parts of the yoni are and how you can keep them clean and healthy in part three.

Happy Healing. xx

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