Beauty Wellness Guide: The Best Skin Oils & Essentials

3:42 PM

It's Winter and understanding what oils work best with your skin during this time can be a wee bit confusing especially if you're still relying on the summer and spring oils you are used to like coconut oil. I am letting you in on a few oils and essentials that will help you keep your healthy glow during all the snow and windy days.

Sesame Oil - I know we are used to using coconut oil on our skin during the summer and spring months but I highly suggest using sesame oil during the winter. Coconut oil has a naturally cooling agent that gives us a cooling relief and moisture, which is why it is perfect during the hotter, more humid seasons. However, sesame oil is a warming oil. It moisturizes while warming our skin and tissue which is exactly what we need when keeping our skin hydrated during cool, dry months (and perfect for your healthy breast massage regimen).

Shea Butter - Butters are really great on any part of our bodies especially the hair and skin. Using raw, organic shea butter will help with moisture and glow through out the gloomy, cold months.

Activated Charcoal - Charcoal (coconut based) is really amazing for multiple uses but especially for the skin. You can use a cup or so in your bath or create your own mask out of it (mix in some rose water!) to help with acne, eczema, and more.

Skin Brush - Skin brushing is so important in the Winter! It helps eliminate dry skin and helps us shed dead skin and energies (which is great because, seasonal depression and we can use as much clear and clean energy as possible).

Honey & Sugar - These two are my go to when it comes to taking care of the lips. We kind of forget that our lips need to benefit from upkeep and shedding as well. Mixing raw, organic brown sugar with honey and using it as a lip scrub can contribute to less cracks and flakes during the Winter months.


Try out these oils and essentials and let me know what you think. Healing the inside of your body has a lot to do with what you put on the outside too!

Happy Healing. xx

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