Wellness: Yoni Work (pt.1)

11:13 AM

Let's Talk About PH Balance...

I have started a new topic within my wellness series. I cannot even begin to speak about the womb without speaking about the yoni (also known as the vagina). 

Yoni pH balance is a conversation that is rarely had. A lot of key information pertaining to our yoni are unknown by an alarming amount of women - so let's jump right in.

Yoni's naturally contain a balance of different types of bacterium. The bacteria all play an amazing role in making sure that the yoni is protected by bacteria that lingers around the external parts of the vagina (that's why always remember to wipe front to back!) and provides the yoni with a natural disinfectant and helps maintain a certain ph balance necessary for a healthy yoni. 

The (p)-(H) in pH balance stands for 'power of hydrogen' which is the amount of hydrogen ion concentration within the body (or parts). 

A healthy yoni has a balance of anywhere between 3.5-4.5

pH balances vary from person to person and is depending on a lot of factors such as: 

- diet (including coffee & animal protein)
- stress level (day to day activities)
- cycle (menstrual & ovulation)
- hygiene products (soaps, shower gels)

Your balance has a lot to do with your scent too! There is no 'right' or 'wrong' scent. It is all depending on the person and no one should ever expect their yoni to smell fruity, floral, or like 'nothing' because it doesn't exist!

(#askdoulakayla: many of my clients are worries that their partners won't like their smell when actually, the smell that your yoni produces smells quite lovely and appealing to your partner.)

If you're concerned about the way your yoni smells - try having your partner massage the inside of your yoni with organic coconut oil. You can also try rubbing a wee bit of your favorite essential oil AROUND your vulva but NOT on it. 

"but Doula Kayla, what about my discharge?" - I'll be discussing discharge tomorrow in part two!

Happy Healing!


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