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I love my breasts!

I am always in complete awe of how amazing they are and how they provide me with so much good and positive energy.

However, breasts are one of the areas that women know so little about and tend so little to leading to problems and complications such as discoloration, lactation issues, sex drive, and more.

Our breasts are directly connected to our heart chakra. Our breasts are our antennas in letting us know what is going on within our hearts and our wombs. It is important to stimulate your breasts as often as possible to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your breasts. A relationship that is so important and vital to our wombs and our babies.

There are many ways you can begin to connect, heal, and understand your breasts including massage. Breast massages help maintain healthy tissues and muscles and contribute to the release of the 'feel good hormone'.  Becoming familiar with breast massage and this type of healing can help before, during, and after birth and labor in very astonishing and amazing ways!

Want to get started with your breast healing journey?

Here's a tip:

Invest in essential oils that help with clearing energies within your breast while also offering healing and restoration.

Here's my Organic Rosemary & Orange breast oil recipe for you to give a try at home:

- rosemary oil
- eucalyptus oil
- orange peel oil 
- sage oil 

mix all together and use a few drops
after shower or bath, massaging in circular 

you can also mix all together and use a few drops
in organic salts for a breast scrub and oil combination. 

Try this for two weeks, twice a day and take note on how your breast will begin to respond to touch, how your milk is flowing, how firmer they are, and even how your sex drive changes. 

Happy Healing! 


I would love to hear from you about your experience with my healing recipe,
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