Wellness: Breast Work - Detoxing Your Lymphatic System & Glands

8:35 PM

Detoxing the lymphatic system is SO important, especially if you are trying to begin to get your breast in the best health condition as possible. 

Unfortunately, we participate in a society that is so infatuated with masking the smell of the human body. The way that our body smells is directly connected to what we put in AND on it. The body was made to produce smells to help you indicate what is going on inside.

Did you know that the largest organ that the body has is our skin? That means we should be extremely cautious and loving when it comes to what it is that we are putting on our bodies, especially sensitive areas!

In part one of the breast work series, I spoke about ways to start your own breast healing journey. I mentioned what it is that you can do to start getting the stagnant energies and tissue moving around in your breast to promote health, a balanced sex drive, and easier flowing breast milk... But we're not done! 

We seem to absentmindedly forget about the lymphocytes! Excessive use of things that are not natural to the body like deodorants, bras, and lack of vitamin D (that's sunlight!) are directly connected to breast cancers, stagnant energies that can eventually effect the heart chakra, and other complications. 

So what can you do to lower the use of toxins under your arms and near your breasts? 

  1. Stop sleeping in your bra!
  2. Try and purchase bra's that have aluminum-free wire (wireless is actually the best of the best).
  3. Try skin brushing! 
  4. Massage your breasts and get them some sunlight! You can do this in the morning before you get out of bed, with the window allowing the sun-rays through and you allowing your breast to catch them (if you don't have any privacy to have your windows open or to sit outside topless). Here's a recipe for a breast oil to massage with.
  5. Stop the use of those commercial deodorants! There are a few I recommend. You can find them here, here, and here
Try it out and let me know using the contact form to the left how it's working for you and how happy and poppin' your breasts look and feel! 

Happy Healing xx.

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