I'm Pregnant, Now What? (pt. 2)

11:04 AM

In part one, I gave some insight on the first steps you should take after founding out that you are now carrying a bundle of joy.

Making sure that you are familiar with where you're going to be potentially giving birth is so important. Making an appointment with a few of your hospital or/and birthing center choices to take a tour is a vital part of making sure that you feel comfortable on labor and delivery day(s). 

You can do this step as early into the pregnancy as you see fit, however, #doulakayla always suggest to do steps such as this early enough to spend an adequate amount of time getting to know the staff and further understanding their praxis and practice. 

Don't know where to start? That's okay! Your doula can help you find all the potential hospitals and birth centers that meet both your wants and needs. 

Remember, have fun! 


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