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Put yourself and how it is that you want
to take charge of your birth and birthing experience. It is important,
especially for black women, that we not only think
of the baby but we also think of the mother and
what is best for her and her mental health
during the transition into
motherhood through shifts
such as labor and delivery and breastfeeding.
Booking a consultation, today. 

Improve your relationship
with your body and
your cycle.

During the stages of thinking about pregnancy or trying to conceive, our relationship with our bodies and our cycles are important. 
Understanding how the womb cycle works and the connection between the cycles and fertility can better help you understand your unique body. 

Through my service and course centered around fertility and fertility nutrition, you will learn how to navigate and connect with the cycles of your womb and how to nourish and nurture those cycles.

This fertility service and class centers black women and our needs, wants, stories, and concerns when building our family. 

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