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Put yourself and how it is that you want
 your birth and birthing experience to be in charge.
It is important that we not only think
of the baby but we also think of the mother and
what is best for her and her mental health
during the transition into
motherhood through shifts
such as labor and delivery and breastfeeding.
Booking a consultation, today. 

Improve your relationship
with your body here at our virtual studio.

During the stages of thinking about pregnancy or trying to conceive, being pregnant, and navigating postpartum - our relationship with our bodies start to shift. 

Pregnacy and postpartum are whole body experiences. 
This means that while we make sure to deliver evidence=based education for wherever you are along your journey - we also ensure that movement is part of that experience.

Through my services and classes centered around education, yoga therapy and recovery, meditation, and breathing for the prenatal and postpartum stages, you will be given the tools to navigate and connect with the body during these stages.


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